Monday, January 30, 2012

Dining Nook: Invention of Space.

So I took my reading area and turned it into a place where I can not only lounge and read, but also eat and gain weight. Obviously, that is the goal.

In addition, my husband insisted I didn't need new dishes because I don't use the old ones. In actuality I do-- but he just doesn't want to use them with me. So I took photographic evidence.

And of course to show him I was having ginger snaps I made the other day... and he wasn't.

Several things are blooming.. winter is here!

Up next... reading nook transformation into pretend tropical dining nook.


So I actually had a birthday party for the first time in years. Granted, it was only with my husband and it involved using my balcony dining things for inside to pretend it wasn't winter.

This also involved my making a rainbow cake which was the main driver of this party. I've been wanting to jump on that bandwagon and be a follower!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thinking about...

writing about quilting here. This way no one is driven nuts irl...